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Membership Requirements

Please note that we have waived first-year membership fees for former NAHI members.

1. Education and/or Experience. Part of NSHI's mission is to establish a minimum criteria for inspectors before they begin performing residential home inspections. For this reason, NSHI requires a minimum of 90 hours of accredited home inspector education or a minimum of 25 paid inspections before an individual may apply for membership.

NSHI Exam or Equivalent. To ensure that members understand the procedures for performing a proper home inspection, NSHI requires new members to pass the NSHI exam, which is a national exam sponsored by NSHI and provided to members at no charge, or to have passed an equivalent exam.

State Requirements. NSHI requires its members to meet all applicable state licensing requirements for home inspectors which may include additional exams, insurance requirements and background checks.

Ethics & Standards. All members must agree to abide by the NSHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, which establish a minimum and uniform standard for performing an inspection of a single-family to a four-family dwelling.

Continuing Education. Part of NSHI's mission is to promote professional development for its members. NSHI requires 6 hours of continuing education credits for membership renewal, and provides a free course option.

Membership Fee:
$199 the first year and $149 annually thereafter, payable by check or credit card.

Membership Designations:
NSHI members are designated full members after performing or participating in at least 100 inspections.